Unusual items that need specialist handling?

Have you any items that are not part of a typical home or office move?

Some items’ packing and transportation is a delicate performance that requires specialist handling.

We move unusual items for our customers such as sports cars, vintage cars, motor bikes, hot tubs, pianos, antiques and many more unusual shapes and sizes. If it’s legal, we can move it!

Your goods may be out of the ordinary, but with Shires you can expect the same professional and expert services we’ve been giving for generations. And a move from country to country, and between the UK and Europe, may have specific customs requirements. We work with you to make sure that all the boxes have been ticked for seamless relocation and transportation.


Book your UK-European and unusual move with us. Our service to you is fully insured, and quality assured.

Moving unusual items is all in a day’s work for us.


We also pack up, move, store, and relocate unusual business items, including stock, manufacturer’s goods – anything legal that is not your average move!

Shires is based at the heart of the country in the UK. We cover the whole of the UK, the continent and the rest of European territories.

Our services also reach farflung countries worldwide.

We also have extensive storage facilities if you are needing this as part of your whole move.


Planning a move soon?

Give us a call or send a message and our friendly, professional experts will help with all your planning, logistics, and relocation of your valued goods.

Planning a move soon?

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    Need to transport your car, or second family car, as part of your long-distance move?

    We regularly move cars, especially second family cars, as part of a long-distance relocation. These fit comfortably in either our main vans or in our trailers.

    Complex vehicle moves come in all shapes and sizes, old and new, two-wheeled, four-wheeled – even train engines have been part of our unusual moves undertaken!

    But moving your car saves on a long second journey for you, and the convenience of having your vehicle immediately available at your destination is yet another way to take the bigger stresses out of your move.



    What we do for you

    A lot of logistics and planning goes into a move, as well as personal investment. We make sure that your relocating experience is a good one with wraparound services for all possible needs.

    Our service to you is fully insured, and quality assured.


    We cover every postcode in the UK, and all key countries across Europe, and have been helping you move home for nearly fifty years, with great care.


    We move your business – from small company office moves to large corporations and chains across the country and around the world.


    Moving to another country is a big step. We have the equipment, resources, and teams to get your items to you safely and on time.


    You may be seeking to relocate with your vehicles – cars, motorbikes. Or pianos, hot tubs, and other valued collectibles.


    Professional small moves, even when it comes to crossing the channel – not all moves are big ones, but they are just as important.


    Increased paperwork needed to cross between the UK and the EU is taken care of, and we guide you through all customs support.


    We have all kinds of packing materials to make for a smooth move, and our experts can remove all stress by packing your belongings for you.


    A choice of storage options for short and long-term, and with safety and security at the heart of our commitment to safeguard your belongings.


    Need help planning with your big move? See our handy guides for information to ensure a smooth move when the time comes.

    So glad we used Shires for our move from York to Albox, Almeria, Spain.
    Lesley was fantastic with the required paperwork for customs and friendly and professional throughout. Dave and Danny packed up in York and Brent and Dave delivered to Spain. Not one breakage whatsoever.
    Such care and attention taken with our personal possessions was so appreciated and took the stress out of such a huge move for us. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and thanks again for a fabulous service.

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    Shires Removals Europe is part of The Shires Removal Group Ltd.

    And so are you!

    This means that we will manage your UK and European move from start to finish with the same attention to detail and range of services that we provide to our thousands of satisfied customers.

    We always make sure you feel right at home!