Keeping on Track with Removals and Crossing the Channel Post Brexit

May 2, 2022 | Removals Services

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4 million lorries a year!

This is the level of traffic that crosses on what is known as the short straits route between Dover and Calais, and the nearby Channel Tunnel to Europe and back. And with a month to go until the end of the post-Brexit transition period, there’s still no clarity about exactly how the UK’s borders will operate outside the EU’s economic zone – the single market and the customs union.

At the time of writing, Brexit negotiations are going down to the wire ahead of the end of the transition period on 31st December 2020. Here at Shires Removals we are preparing for all eventualities, and continuously stay updated on the latest information and guides – ready to adapt and gear up for whatever is needed.



Removals trucks Compliance for cross-border travel

A recent survey found that just over 40% of businesses whose trucks frequently cross over the channel are not aware of the government’s service: “Check an HGV is ready to cross the border”. For the movement of our 7.5 tonne HGV trucks this is a must when moving goods to and from the EU. Brexit changes will affect both UK and EU international removal companies, and compliance with new customs, procedures, and tax regulations.

“Drivers of lorries weighing more than 7.5 tonnes will also need to acquire a Kent Access Permit before they enter the county. They will have to show that they have all the paperwork they need to ferry goods to Europe”, says an industry spokesperson. “We might see a quite significant holding off of trading – people just not moving stuff in the first few weeks.”


The moving parts of Brexit – What some of these changes may look like:

  1. Submission of customs declarations for the import and export of removals to and from the United Kingdom
  2. Submission of customs declarations for the transport of removal goods through the United Kingdom (if coming through from the EU to the UK)
  3. Inclusion of safety and security data in the customs declaration
  4. Completion of additional formalities for the import or export of special removal goods (in the case of when we move some types of business goods)
  5. Settlement of VAT in the EU country where removal goods are imported from the UK
  6. Application of the VAT rules in force in the United Kingdom for imports, when the export of removal goods from Europe is made


These changes can occur regardless of whether the European Union and the United Kingdom reach a post-Brexit free trade agreement.

If no agreement is reached between the two parties by the end of the transitional period, European international removal companies will also have to:

  • Pay customs duties on removals brought into the EU from the UK
  • Pay additional fees to import certain goods into the European Union

All of these measures are things that we constantly monitor, and that will have an impact on the cost of moving.  We also intently keep in touch with any news updates so that we can best advise our trusted customers who are making the channel move. Some of these things may impact on your move and paperwork we would need to receive. But we have been preparing for this for some time, as well as having decades of experience in crossing between Europe and the UK.


Moving our customers to and from Europe

We frequently provide moving services to our customers across the channel, and will continue to do so post Brexit, even if it may take a bit longer and with more potentially paperwork required! Your stress-free move is always our main aim, and we’re staying on top of things as developments unfold.

Regardless of where you’re moving to or from, there are many ways of ensuring your belongings arrive safely at their UK or European destination. There are, nonetheless, several factors to consider before deciding on an international moving option.

The important things to bear in mind are keeping your costs down as best as possible, avoiding damage and breakages, and receiving your belongings on time. Our more than 45 years’ experience of moving our satisfied customers is testimony to the care we take when you entrust us to move your treasured items.


Unusual Moves

Especially when moving house and home, the family car needs to go too! We make this possible by hitching a trailer when the main truck is full!

More on our Unusual Moves


Beating the Brexit deadline is not imperative … life – and moving – goes on …

The primary thing to remember is that there is a strong element of unpredictability surrounding Brexit. Nobody knows for certain how the future will pan out or what the eventual impacts and benefits of will be – only time will tell.


In the meantime, we continue to move our customers both here and abroad, with two of our latest relocations being to France and Spain.

“Brilliant from start to finish. Stress free. Very friendly and hard working. No issues at the other end too. No damage. Highly recommended.” – Trustpilot



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