Moving abroad? Relocating? Then it’s time to sort out, declutter, and only move with what you really want and need.

Jan 31, 2023 | Relocation, Removals Services, Storage Services

If you haven’t cleared your cupboards in a decade, don’t panic. Perspective is everything. From packing smart to knowing what to ditch is going to be a big factor in your move.

“I can’t believe it’s all clutter!” This has been said many a time when it comes to moving house, and realising just how much you own.

And when it comes to moving abroad, whether it is relocating to or from the continent or further afield – it becomes even more essential to sort out, clear out, declutter, and only move with what you really want and need.


How bad is our clutter and what we hold onto ‘for one day when…?’

Conducted by, they found that even when space in our homes are restricted, most of us find it really hard to get rid of our possessions.

While 1 in 2 Brits admit to holding onto things for longer than they should, 1 in 3 say they don’t like the idea of getting rid of their possessions.


Accumulating clutter in your home

Clutter often builds up over the years, and many people live in their family homes for a long time. Children grow, the family size grows under its roof as new kids are born. Things are acquired, and before you know it, there is a good few years’ worth of considerable accumulation.


Move without taking your clutter with you

There is every reason to declutter before you move home – it is less to pack. Less packing materials needed. Less to transport. Less to unpack. And less cost as a result.

This is especially important when you are moving long distance.


Packing up your treasured home and possessions

This is one of the most stressful parts of any move, and you’ll find we are more than willing to take this on!

Not only do we supply packing materials, but we can do your packing for you. Take advantage of our Shires Packing Service so that you can concentrate on all the other items on your relocating ‘to do’ list. There are more than enough other big changes to contend with when moving countries.

Our team of professional packers can safely pack your belongings to save you stress, time, and effort. And they will ensure this process is completed in good time, ready for uploading to our removal vans. We’re a caring and friendly bunch! Helping you to move home in the most convenient way possible.


Protection and covers for your house and items being moved

Time to move with your sorted through items – big and small. And there’s a whole lot of protecting that needs to happen!


In your house: Your walls, doors, and floors all need protecting while we upload your items. We cover all your house essentials to provide protection from scuffing and dirt.



For packing, storage, and transportation: A variety of protective covers are needed when moving house or storing items.

We provide these as part of our moving service: Packing materials, furniture covers, special sofa covers, TV covers, transit blankets, carpet, floor, wall and door protectors, bubble wrap, packing boxes, and we attend to unusual items too.

For example, crating up motorcycles and securing them individually per crate. Or moving a vintage jukebox, a piano, golf clubs, bicycles, or any other unusual item that needs specific attention.




Planning a long distance move

Moving is an adventure – all you need is a reliable plan and a trusted removals firm.

And if you’re going further afield, if you’re emigrating and relocating abroad, you will also require expert assistance with any paperwork that accompanies the move. But you will also need that added attention to detail in the packing process.

Whether you are taking all your goods in one go when you move abroad, or whether you would like to store your goods for a long period, we help with safe and secure export wrapping, ready to be stored or transported abroad.

Our team follow and record an inventory, and use the best packing materials for the job so you can be sure your items are in safe, caring hands.


Take into account where you’re moving to – what space is available?

Although many people are making a move to bigger house space, others are trading living space for garden space. So you may be moving to a smaller home than before – in which case it may be a good idea to recycle, sell or give some items to charity.

Your new lifestyle is also part of the plans – if you are moving into a country area, you’ll want to hang on to your bicycles that need dusting off. Or the weather may be different, and that big all-weather outdoor coat could be a future essential!


Putting some – or all of your goods – into storage while you relocate

Depending on your own circumstances surrounding your move, you may find it easier to keep most of your goods in secure storage at our secure dedicated storage facility. And once you are ready in your new country, you can send for these and we’ll deliver them to your new door – anywhere between the UK and the continent.

How convenient! We pack your goods in containers, ready for storage. And it is a simple matter of loading them again into one of our removals vans to make their way to you in your new home and your new European country.

We can also arrange delivery of your stored goods if you have moved further afield, and these can be shipped to you.




Moving abroad can be overwhelming.

Sorting out logistics and documents while you’re deciding what your new life will look like and saying goodbye to everyone is a lot.

But thankfully, it doesn’t have to be overly nerve-wracking and demanding – especially if you have a dependable removals company to rely on, with Shires Removals Europe.


With more than 45 years’ experience moving customers around the corner, and around the world, at Shires Removals we completely understand that international relocation can be doubly stressful and hectic for people undertaking a big move.

So we aim to make things as easy and stress-free as possible for our customers.

We help you with your move from A-Z. It’s a full door-to-door removals service between UK and Europe.


Our own fleet means we move you from door-to-door ourselves

We pack and pick up from you at your starting point, and your goods stay with us in our own van dedicated to your relocation – all the way to offloading at your new destination in Europe and UK.

We have our own large fleet of different-sized vehicles for different removal configurations, including transporting of your own cars and bikes too.

This means that you have door-to-door service from us, moving your goods from your old front door to your shiny new one! Your belongings don’t leave our protection.


What to look for in a Removals company

A good track record, great service, super personnel, clear pricing, know their routes, swift and efficient shipping service, and add-on services like insurance and storage go a long way in making your removals company choice an easy one.


“Brilliant from start to finish. Stress free. Very friendly and hard working. No issues at the other end too. No damage. Highly recommended.” – Trustpilot



International Moves. Home Moves. Office Moves. Business Moves.

Whether you are moving house or office, nationally or internationally, our friendly and helpful staff aim to make the move as easy and stress free as possible.

Our head office is located in Kinsley, near Pontefract and Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK but we cater for moves all over the country whether you are moving a few miles or a few hundred miles. Our representatives can visit you at your home to discuss your moving requirements, with no charge and with no obligation to use us.


We provide Local, National and International Removals, Packing, and Storage services to Domestic and Commercial customers.

You find a place, and we’ll take you there!


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